Three Tips to Dress for Southern Bi-Polar Weather

Tuesday March 8, 2016
By Joy Ugi

You can’t win: One day the wind chill has you shivering in 20-degree weather and the next you’re sweating in your overcoat and scarf walking out to your car. There’s no doubt weather in the South is unpredictable, especially in the winter. Cold fronts can bring the temperature dipping and the next day rain will bring a humidity that makes your hair go crazy.

It can be hard to dress for these moody winters. Hard, but not impossible. Here are three go-to tips for dressing successfully in the South during the winter.

1) Layers Are Best

When in doubt, layer. If the weather ends up being brutally cold, the three or four layers you’re packing will keep you cozy. Popular layering pieces you can get at many of The Avenue’s retailers include a camisole, a long-sleeved denim button-up, a wool or cashmere sweater, and an overcoat or puff jacket. Say hello to warmth!

If it’s rainy and a little warmer out, you’ll be perfectly set to traipse about without your coat. And if the day turns into a spring-pocalypse, which is known to happen in a Southern winter, you can strip down to an opened version of your denim shirt with the cami underneath. Voila!

2) Bring a Change of Shoes

Your feet are the thermostat of your body. If they’re cold, your whole body is cold, and if they’re hot … well, you get it. With swinging temperatures during the winter, keeping your feet comfortable will make your whole body feel good. That’s why it’s important to keep a change of shoes in your bag or car during the day.

Pull on some boots in the morning and find it’s 60 degrees at noon? Slip on those flats that you brought and give your footsies some breathing room. Wear a pair of heels on a humid, rainy day and find that they’re not enough to keep you covered? Just slip on the booties in your back seat and feel instant relief.

3) Keep a Hair-Tie Handy

One of the other parts of your body that can help regulate temperature is your hair. Down and covering your neck, it keeps you warmer. In an up-do, it keeps you cooler. When the weather swings to one extreme, having a hair-tie on hand can mean the difference between being comfortable and being in misery.

Make sure you stock your purse, bathroom, desk and car with hair-ties so you can pull your hair up at a moment’s notice. If your hair is already up and you want to put it down to keep warm, it will probably need a comb-through to look presentable. So along with hair-ties, make sure you have access to a brush or comb, too. You can buy travel-sized versions that will fit discreetly wherever you need them to.

Dress for Bi-Polar Weather Success

We all know the pain of dressing for a Southern winter day - will it ice over, will it turn into Bahama-like weather, will I be too hot or cold? No one has time to worry like that! By layering your clothes, keeping a change of shoes handy and making sure to always have a hair-tie, you can beat the winter weather moodiness and be prepared for whatever it brings.

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