Essential Fashion Pieces for Fall

Thursday December 3, 2015
By Samala Carrington, S.N.O.B.B.

Winter may be quickly approaching, but it's not too late to pick up some of fall's hottest fashions. Fall 2015 has some great looks to offer, so here’s a rundown on the fashion must-haves:

1. Mid-calf Pencil Skirt – One of my fashion favorites is back with a twist. Paired up with leather, rubber, tweed or neoprene, the pencil skirt just got kicked up a notch. Look for zippered hems or a flirty fishtail in the back for your cocktail look. I love classic black, but don’t be afraid to go blue (navy that is) or a heather gray for the office.

2. Wide-leg Pants – Whether you’re short (like me) or tall and svelte, be sure to pick up a pair of wide-leg pants. Now I’m not talking bell bottoms, but more of a classy, tailored pant, complete with pockets and front pleats. This also gives you an excuse to invest in a crisp white shirt and a perfect pair of pumps.

3. Pretty Prints – Growing up we were told never to mix prints. Not anymore! Push the boundaries and playfully mix and match it up. Start with a base, say purple, and build your look with varying hues, textures and lines.

4. Statement Earrings – Say bye-bye to statement necklaces and say hello to statement earrings. Large flowers, geometric shapes and muted colors equal effortless beauty. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a smaller earring on your left ear and your statement piece on the right.

5. Victorian Romance – If you love lace, chiffon and high-necks, you’re in luck. This look helps you reconnect with your feminine side, and it can be played up or down depending on your mood.

With so many great fashion trends this season, you’re bound to find your perfect look at one of the many amazing stores at The Avenue. Take a few risks, have fun and share your fabulous finds with your girlfriends (and with us using #ShopTheAvenue!).