Simple Tips for Surviving Winter

Tuesday March 1, 2016
By Samala Carrington, S.N.O.B.B.

The winter of 2016 got off to a slow start. With 60 degree weather during the holidays, many people were skeptical about whether we would have a winter at all.

Surprise! In less than a week, after endless days of rain, winter showed up, and I love it. Here are a few tips to keep you hydrated, moisturized and warm and cozy during winter weather:

  1. Don’t Skimp on Water – Just because the temperatures outside don’t have you perspiring like the summer months, that doesn’t mean your body needs less water. To keep your body hydrated, always keep refillable water bottles in your work space, your car and your favorite reading or TV spot at home. This will ensure you are always drinking H20, and it will even help prevent those nasty little hang nails from forming … ouch!
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – Dry skin is a very painful condition if you don’t properly moisturize your skin during the winter. You may want to avoid it when you jump out of the shower, but skipping this part of your daily routine can cause unsightly patches on your skin, not to mention less snuggle time. Find a non-greasy after shower spray or oil to rub on your skin right before you dry off. It takes less than two minutes, and your skin will love you for it.
  3. Layer – Gone are the days of bulky thermals that your dad used to wear. Most retailers offer a wide variety of colors and shapes that will allow you to layer your clothes for those blustery mornings that chill to the bone. If you want extra coverage, simply add a tank top as the first layer and brave the cold.
  4. Spot of Tea – Nothing gets me warm like a nice cup of warm tea. I wasn’t a fan of tea a few years back because I thought herbal teas were my only choices. Then I discovered Chai, and my whole world has changed! There are many varieties to choose from. Be bold, be creative, mix it up, have fun. Teas are fabulous and offer the most sophisticated way to get warm and cozy as old man winter continues to knock on our doors.

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