"Transported" Exhibition Celebrating the Art of Transportation Coming to The Avenue

Tuesday, Oct 19, 8:00AM
Viera, FL - Painters and photographers Rick Boswell, Jeff Noble, Barry Schoenholz, John Sluder and Jeff Ridgeway will be displaying their original photographs and paintings starting Monday, November 1, and running through Sunday, January 2. All of the art will focus on forms of transportation (primarily automobiles, motorcycles and custom bicycles) and the many artistic facets that make them unique. Opening night is Thursday November 4 from 6PM to 8PM, join Pizza Gallery & Grill for a car meet, raffle give-aways, meet and greet with the artists, live music, complimentary hors d’oeurves and cash bar.
Rick Boswell:
An Interior Design graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Rick worked for architects and designers in South Florida before opening his own design firm in Fort Lauderdale in 1985. After Desert Storm, his love of aircraft and patriotism guided him to enlist in the Navy for the opportunity to serve his country. This was to be a temporary detour from his chosen career path. 18 years later he is still in the Navy! His artistic endeavors took pause, but did not falter. As a member of the Naval Flight Demonstration Team, Blue Angels, Rick produced numerous renderings of the F/A-18 “Hornet” in pen and ink. His drawings led to his watercolors and finally oil paintings. The three “A’s”, Aircraft, Automobiles and Architecture are his main subjects of interest. His work plays on the use of shadow and reflection to create intensity and balance.“As an interior designer, clients would often try to select art that worked with their interior color pallet. Artwork should evoke a feeling, a reaction, or a thought process. If art does that, it doesn’t matter what color the matte is, hang it and enjoy.” His work is in private collections across the United States and he is available for commissioned work.
Jeff Noble:
Jeff Noble has been compulsively drawing since he was in diapers. Since those days he has burgeoned into a highly sought after fine artist, exhibiting his paintings in galleries coast to coast, nationwide. He currently attends New World School of the Arts in Miami where he is seeking a degree in both painting and electronic media. In addition, he has become a respected graffiti artist, having accomplished such feats as breaking the Guinness Book of Worlds Records for "longest graffiti scroll" in 2006.
Barry Schoenholz:
Barry Schoenholz's creative imagery and sensitive eye create a unique nexus between his camera and his eye. It is more than automobiles. It is art. Barry Schoenholz creates images with his mind. He uses the nexus between his mind and the camera to create visions for others. His work is strong, it features bold images, supports strongly saturated colors as well as, boldly stated black and white images. His fine art images reflect his passion and invigorating approach to his craft. His goal is to bring a high level of enjoyment and satisfaction to his clients by making the ordinary, extraordinary.
John Sluder:
John Sluder is a native to Melbourne, Florida. He has been shooting images for 30 years. It all started with a gift of a simple camera from his grandfather. From there he shot photographs for school papers and year books. The past seven years the hobby has been a consuming passion of exploring light. Photography is a study of light; without light there is no image.
Jeff Ridgeway:
Originally from Georgia, Jeff moved to Miami in 1980 at age eight. He lived there until graduating high school in 1990. He had always had a flare for art from early child hood. From graffiti to school murals and sculptures, he was always creating something. He studied architecture first and then graphic design at Florida State University graduating with a BFA. He worked at Avery Advertising for one year after college before changing careers. Throughout time he has still enjoyed painting and drawing in his free time. Volkswagens are his muses and tinkering withthem is his other hobby. He is currently am working for VW and is always surrounded by the things he loves.
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