Bring Out Your Inner Artist at New Paint Studio

Wednesday, Dec 1, 9:00AM
A new art and entertainment studio at The Avenue Murfreesboro will open on December 1.
Painting with a Twist holds art instructional classes, and guarantees to bring out your inner artist. Bring your own beverage, come alone or grab a friend and create the painting for the evening.
No experience is necessary. Step-by-step and stroke-by-stroke, a local artist will guide painters through the process so he or she will leave with a great painting.
For information about classes or to sign up, visit Call the studio at 895-8181. Painting with a Twist is located at The Avenue three doors down from The Pottery Place.
Painting with a Twist was conceived and launched only three years ago by two enterprising women in the New Orleans area who hoped to offer an opportunity to those whose lives had been so dramatically impacted by Hurricane Katrina.
A fun and creative way to “get away from it all” was born. They believe that Painting with a Twist has grown and thrived during the recession because “New studies of consumption and happiness show that people are happier when they spend money on experiences instead of material objects,” according to the New York Times.
“It’s a great company with great artists who have created wonderful works of art that anyone can learn to paint,” said Murfreesboro storeowner Teresa Johnson. “Trust me, we can teach anyone it’s a very simple step-by-step instruction process designed for the person who hasn’t ever picked up a paint brush to the person who has already been painting.
“I love helping other people enjoy art who may think they aren’t qualified because everyone is an artist,” she said. “Some just don’t know it yet.”
At Painting with a Twist, a good time is had by one and all, wonderful memories are created, and the customer leaves with a painting, which he or she will proudly hang at home or give as a gift.
The Murfreesboro location is one of 36 franchises, all of which hold both two and three hour daily and evening classes with a variety of paintings which are posted on the website calendar.
Johnson said she loves helping customers enjoy art regardless of their artistic ability.
“Painting with a Twist is a wonderful place to gather and create great memories,” she said. “No creative or artistic ability is required to have fun. We work hard to ensure that our customers relax and enjoy the process of acrylic painting on canvas and they enjoy the artwork they leave with as much as they enjoyed the time spent painting.”
Johnson said she thinks there is a “demand to enjoy time friends and laugh and learn and also create a wonderful piece of art in the process. It is art as entertainment. Even in the toughest of times, we still need that time to relax, enjoy good friends and forget about the realities of life this is just the place.”
Johnson encourages anyone interested in painting to check the calendar for a painting class that interests them and reserve a spot online or by phone. Painting with a Twist also is available for private parties such as birthdays or holiday parties.
Classes for children are also scheduled, and provide a way for the kids to spend quality time socializing and discovering their creative abilities.
Johnson has owned a paint-your-own-pottery studios since 2005. She has locations in Murfreesboro at The Avenue, Smyrna, Bell Buckle and Tullahoma.
For more information on Painting with a Twist, contact Lindy Mullen at 615.809.3412 or