Local Man Wins Weight Loss Contest Eating at Genghis Grill

Monday, Aug 1, 9:00AM
Murfreesboro, TN — If you had to eat at the same restaurant for 90 days, and lose weight, do you think you could do it?
What if you could create one of 4,195 combinations featuring more than a dozen proteins, a plethora of fresh veggies and properly proportioned carbs?
If you still think it is impossible, you'll want to meet Brandon Sanders, a Murfreesboro man who lost 60 pounds eating at Genghis Grill at The Avenue for three months.
According to the Genghis Grill website, Sanders went from 244 pounds to a trim 184.
"I had to eat here at least once a day for 90 days," Sanders said.
He won a nationwide contest sponsored by Genghis Grill to promote healthy eating and showcase the good-for-you-options available at the eatery.
The concept of Genghis Grill is Mongolian stir-fry just like the Hun warriors of legend would have eaten. Warriors gathered the meats, veggies and other eatables available to them and cooked them on the back of the shields over an open fire. Today, you can grab a bowl, fill it with your favorites and have it cooked over a stone slab.
"You cannot get bored," said Tim Garwood, manager for the local Genghis Grill.
With more than 4,000 bowls to create, it is understandable why that is so. "We don't have a freezer," Garwood said.
This means all meats, proteins, veggies, fruits and sauces have to be prepared each morning and afternoon for the day. Everything is fresh and without preservatives.
Genghis Grill lists the caloric intake of their premade bowls, popular combinations to suggest to newcomers, but you can go online to see the calories, sodium, sugar and more that goes into your favorite bowls.
"You can check the nutrition calculation. It really changes things to be able to see what goes into your bowl. I realized what I was consuming each day," Sanders said.
As you create your own combination, you choose which items go in, which stay out and how much of each fills your bowl. You are accountable for your own choices. It also means you don't have to special order anything.
"The whole concept is about eating healthy food," Garwood said.
Sanders said the contest pushed him to try new things, especially vegetables, as he stuck with meat and starches before. Now he visits the restaurant once or twice a week even though the contest is over. He has also incorporated what he learned from his meals at Genghis Grill into his own lunches and meals at home.
The contest — and Sanders' success — has inspired others as well.
"I have two ladies from the hospital who eat lunch here everyday. There are two other women who eat here three times a week." Garwood said.
Genghis Grill also does catering for meetings and special occasions. The restaurant is located in The Avenue Murfreesboro at 2615 Medical Center Pkwy. For more information, call 615-494-1181 or go online to