Black Friday Shopping Tips

Monday, Nov 24, 3:00AM
Know before you go - Research the Black Friday sales, make a list of gift priorities, compare prices and plan your day around store opening times. Have store ads as back-up on price differences.
Gather your reward cards - Have reward cards with you, and check your credit card rewards program for special points that could add up on Black Friday.
Set your per item budget What's the most you're willing to spend on each gift?  Don't blow your budget and end up paying credit card interest – no money savings there.
Beat the Early Birds - Watch for pre-Black Friday sales at key retailers on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to learn each store's floor plan in advance. Some stores offer diagrams of where sale items are located.
Know the return policies and get a gift receipt - Restocking fees and shorter return windows may impact you, so know store policies before you shop. Keep your receipts and make returns easier for  recipients by getting a gift receipt to include with the gift.
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