GUEST BLOGGER: Black Friday Survival Guide

Tuesday, Nov 25, 7:02PM

Black Friday Survival Guide

Follow these five tips to make the most of your day-after Thanksgiving shopping experience.

Black Friday Survival Tip #1: Have a plan.

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, the pros know that having a well thought-out plan is what makes the difference between a successful Black Friday outing and a stressful one. Gather your Black Friday ads and make a list of the stores you intend to visit and items you hope to purchase. This master list will help you stay on track with the blur of bargain brain starts to settle in and you’re tempted to start wandering the aisles aimlessly.

Black Friday Survival Tip #2: Park it, sister (or mister).

Trying to snag a parking spot on Black Friday can feel a lot like the running of the bulls in Pamplona—wild and crazy and more than a little intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be. Skip the front row parking and head straight to the parking lot boonies. You’ll get some exercise and avoid the long wait times.

Black Friday Survival Tip #3: Secure your valuables.

I once lost a purse filled with cash and gift cards to a Black Friday vehicle break-in. Learn from my mistake and keep your Black Friday shopping experience a safe and happy one by leaving any unnecessary valuables at home, on your person, or out of sight in your vehicle’s trunk.

Black Friday Survival Tip #4: Fuel Up.

Snagging some seriously great bargains takes energy! If you’re planning an all-day affair, stash some snacks in your purse to keep from crashing a couple hours into the hunt. (Think: energy-boosting, grab-and-go options like granola bars, crackers and nuts.) Oh, and don’t forget that water bottle!

Be Kind.

We love shopping as much as the next guy or gal, but if it comes down to you and another shopper eyeing that last parking space or mini bluetooth speaker, dig deep down and err on the side of graciousness. At the end of the day, showing a fellow human a bit of kindness is far more important than saving a few dollars. And, it can be much more rewarding, too.

By Suzanna Palmer – Little Black Dress – Little Red Wagon