GUEST BLOGGER: Cute, but Warm

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2:07PM

Winter is in full swing now so it’s time to pull out your coats, sweaters and jackets to bundle up for that cold air. I know many people don’t like this time of year, but I absolutely love it. There is nothing more fashionable than winter. I laugh when I go out and see women who don’t know how to dress for the winter freeze because they feel like they have to wear something skimpy to be sexy or their jacket will not go with their outfit. Here are a few tips to be cute and warm this winter season.


  • Tights! Tights set off every dress and cute top in the winter. There are so many varieties of colors and styles of tights that you don’t always have to wear the same old black tights, although sometimes a good old pair of black ones will be perfect for a top or sweater that already pops.


  • I love boots that come up the calf. Get a few different pairs. You want a couple of flats boots and a few that have heels. I love a good simple pair of boots that come up my calf, but a funky pair always looks good with a rock-styled outfit.


  • Another one of my favs for the winter is sweater dresses. I love how slimming and forgiving a sweater dress can be. Paired with tights (or bare legged – your choice) can be a great look to step out in.


  • To top all of that off, grab a pea coat. Pea coats are very feminine and sleek. I personally love the reds ones. I think they stand out when you walk in any room. Add a scarf and a cute hat and you are ready to step out in style.


Trust me, there are so many different styles out that are cute. Slide me some styles that you love. I am always looking for ideas.




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