GUEST BLOGGER: Meet Me at the Barre

Tuesday, May 26, 12:03PM

With warmer weather making an appearance (and holiday eating still fresh in our minds), we’ve had one thought: “Time to lift, tone and burn!”. 

I was so excited to learn that The Avenue offered barre classes. I had become bored of my normal exercise routine, and I’ve heard many people raving about how much they love barre classes and the great results they are seeing. 

So, on a whim, I headed to The Avenue in my favorite neon orange yoga leggings to try a class. I was instantly hooked. 

Barre classes are a combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet workouts, concentrating in a low-impact series of movements and isometric holds for approximately one hour. Basically, you do very tiny one-inch movements with little or no weights, resistance bands or a ball, and you see major results. “Up an inch, down an inch” will become your mantra.

The workout is designed with everybody in mind, no matter the age, weight or level of previous exercise experience. Everyone is ushered into a comforting studio, and regardless of whether it’s your first class or your 100th, you will leave feeling equally challenged and exhilarated. 

I was very impressed with the education and helpfulness of the instructors. Being a mommy of two and having the occasional ache and pain from past sports injuries, I was a little concerned about certain exercises, but they helped adjust my form and tailor movements specifically designed to help tone my areas of concern without taxing old injuries. The instructors are just as excited to see your results as you are!

After attending several classes, it is safe to say that barre is now a regular part of my weekly exercise routine, and I look forward to the supportive community that embraces me as I walk through those studio doors. 

I hope to meet you at the barre soon!

Interested in attending a barre class at one of The Avenue locations? Try one of these studios: 

Barre3 - The Avenue East Cobb

Pure Barre - The Avenue Peachtree City

By Jen Giambalvo and Carrie Beth Posener - The Magnolia Mamas